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I have been collecting cards since 1985, during my years I took some time off while I served in the US Army from '01-'08 and three tours in Iraq.  At one time I had 750,000 cards, but donated over 500,000 of them over the years.  I am left with about 250,000 cards, I have tried to figure out what I was going to do with my doubles.  Should I put them on a paid site, or an auction site?  Do I throw a few boxes together and go to a flea market every weekend?  Should I just do it my self and get a little enjoyment in having some control of my collection.  To keep over head as low as possible I am not going to have a store front, but I just want to give collectors the most bang for their buck!


If a product is damaged in shipping: Take photos and give a description to jasonjasonp12@gmail.com so we can resolve the problem.

If a product is wrong: If you ordered an item and it is different than it states on the invoice, a replacement will be sent to you or you can choose a refund of that card.

Do we buy cards: 

On AVERAGE What I will pay: 
1950-1969            4 cents per card
1970-1979            2 cents per card
1980-1999         .05 cents per card
2000-present         1 cent per card
Autograph Cards 10 cents per card
Relic Cards            8 cents per card

To many out there, those amounts are low.  I try to account of having to pay shipping costs to get to me.  I would estimate that over 75% of the cards I have bought in the past few years I have donated to children's centers and hospitals.  If you are still interested, please contact us!

Home > About Us

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